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Established 2010
My New Baby Foal Collection

This is a fun collection of nine foals with their corresponding breed specific adventure story books with story boards. The foal is presented in a beautiful box which repurposes into a field and a stable.

Each foal in the collection represents one of the wonderful British native breeds and we also have the Connemara pony from Ireland. Every breed has their own short story to help bring the foals to life as we follow them on an exciting day out. Children also learn a little about the pony breeds and their features.

As the story unfolds, children can role play the adventure with their cuddly foals using the picture boards which help to inspire and develop children's imagination.

At the end of the day the foal can go into the field or stable for a good night's sleep!

The short stories are written by best-selling children's author, Helen Haraldsen.


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