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Established 2010

1.  How to be safe around ponies

It is important to know how to keep yourself safe around ponies.

2. Wear safe clothing around ponies

It is necessary to wear the correct type of clothing to help keep you safe around ponies.

3.  Approach your pony safely

Keep yourself safe by always approaching your pony correctly and quietly, this video shows you how

4. Blind spots

Did you know that you can be very close to your pony but he cannot see you? See this video to learn about ‘blind spots’.

5. What do ponies eat?

Watch this video to learn what ponies eat.

6. What do ponies drink?

Watch this video to see what ponies drink

7. Feeding and watering Crafty Ponies

This video shows you how to feed and water your pony

8. Ponies need regular exercise

Why do we exercise ponies? How do we exercise ponies? These questions and more are answered in this video

9. Name some points of the pony

This video shows you some basic points of the pony, it is good to learn them so that you understand when people are talking about ponies

10. Pony colours

This video helps you to learn the different colours and markings that ponies can have.

11. How to put the head collar on

Watch this video to see how to put on a headcollar

12. How to tie up Crafty Pony

There are different ways to tie up ponies. Here is how we tie up Crafty Pony.

13. Items in a grooming kit

Look at the items in Crafty Ponies grooming kit, can you remember the names of them all?

14. Grooming your pony

Use the grooming kit to groom your Crafty Ponies!

15. Shoeing a pony

16. Put the bridle together

17. Put the saddle together

18. Plait the mane

It’s fun to learn how to plait Crafty’s mane.

19. A running plait

20. How to tie lead ropes neatly